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We provide services that included but are not limited to: Insurance fee waiver certificate course, Chinese driver’s license translation, G1- Chinese and English mock written test, G-license road test pre-training, G2-license road test pre-training, video learning for road tests, one-stop service of driving test package.

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Royal King Driving School is an Ontario Ministry of Transportation accredited driving school.  We are a professional driving school composed of several experienced training instructors, servicing the entire Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding cities, such as Mississauga, Pickering, and Oshawa.  Our driving school provides a complete driving general training course (M.T.O Approved Beginner Driver Education) and drivers with overseas experience can quickly obtain a local driver's license with us.
Royal King Driving School operated 40 hours of online theoretical courses which included 20 hours of theoretical knowledge, 10 hours of homework practice, and 10 hours of road driving.  Students who complete the 40 hours course will be issued a general certificate.  It helps students who are looking to take the G2-test in 8 months and get a car insurance discount after the course.


Fundamental learning 

We recommend beginners to take our insurance fee waiver certificate training course which is certified by the Department of Transportation. It provides learners a comprehensive coverage of all information needed to drive safely in Ontario through a general curriculum. 

Experience Driver Learning

We provide a quick package course that is suitable for experienced foreign drivers or drivers with existing G2 license plates, which focus on how to avoid driving risks with tips on driving in Canada, and how to reduce the probability of possible accidents.  

Experience Driver Practice 

We provide an extra practice section for experienced drivers who are looking for more training to become more familiar with the safety rules for driving in Canada. Learners are encouraged to practice more if learners are feeling want to increase their proficiency to take a test or obtain a driver's license.  

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